For anyone who’s ever visited San Francisco, you know what a beauty this city is. A few days stay in the city and you will be grateful for the all the rigmarole you went through to get here. Its splendid building and celebrated museums are just a few of the treasured gems of this great city. What’s more, you can participate in dozens of events across the various San Francisco districts, including Broadway shows.


Every month is an event month in San Francisco. The city is popular for fun festivals, community activities and street fairs. You might also be interested in sampling gourmet cuisines, enjoy opera, ballet and symphony as well as do some tasting of various wine brands popular in the city.


Holidays are a beautiful time to be in San Francisco. From the beginning of the year when the fireworks are on display across the bay to the Memorial Day, Labor Day Weekend, Fourth of July, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. Hoteliers and tour companies are always on top of things to create exciting activities to do during these holidays.

Places to stay

San Francisco boasts of over 300 lodging and hotels that you can choose from during your stay in the city. From five star hotels to state-of-the-art resorts, you will love the options available to you for excellent accommodation. Of all the districts in the city, the two with the most hotels are Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf.

What’s more, the local districts have many great B&B’s and hotels. If you take a little time to do your research, then you are bound to find some spectacular places you that can meet your budget and make your stay a truly memorable moment.

Top districts to visit

Fisherman’s Wharf is a must visit district. Others include Chinatown, Union Square and Alamo Square. Chinatown has mysteries waiting for you to discover while Alamo Square has the Victorians that you will have a hard time taking your eyes from. If you are visiting the city to propose to your fiancée, then there are a number of custom engagement rings vendors you can talk to, who will work on your ring and get it ready while you explore the city.

Beyond San Francisco, there are other great places you can visit, perhaps on your way back home. Even during your stay, you can take a few hours’ drive to the outskirts of the city and see what the surrounding areas have to give. Some of the options you can choose from in the surrounding areas include Muir Woods, wine country and Monterey.

A single visit to San Francisco and you will fall in love with the city. When you are finally ready for a visit to remember for life, the San Francisco is the city to visit.